Your augmentation journey with neurocat and aidkit

So you've decided to augment some data. You know what an augmentation is, you've seen the augmentations we can make, and you know what you can do with augmentations.

Now discover how to work with us to realize augmentations that solve your problem(s) quickly, easily, and affordably.

Our service model is designed to empower you to get the data designed and delivered in a way that meets your needs and accelerates, not slows, your development processes.

The neurocat augmentation advantage

Our approach: Data augmentation as a service

At neurocat we combine the scalability of our aidkit software with the customization of consulting in order to meet the specific needs of each customer. We call this data augmentation as a service.

Data augmentation allows a developer to avoid extraneous (and expensive) real-world collection and labeling while also ensuring the generated data captures characteristics that are relevant for the perception task.

Augmentations can, however, be difficult to make. They must be visually realistic to allow human validation, they must be mathematically consistent with reality so the algorithms learn the right things, and they must be scalable.

This is where neurocat comes in: by providing augmentation as a service our clients don't need to develop a solution themselves, can avoid the overhead of learning and integrating a new solution, and can focus on their core goals.

Let's look at how this works in practice.


We take data exploration seriously to customize your augmentations

When you come to neurocat for support, you will have some existing data and an idea of what data you're missing. The first thing we do is a deep-dive into your normal in-distribution images and the reference data that define your under- or un-represented data. We use what we learn to specify the precise parameters needed to generate augmentations that match your needs. These are fine-tuned in consultation with you to ensure they match your use case(s) and goals.


Building the augmentations is in our hands, but your control

With the parameters set, neurocat turns to its aidkit software. This allows us to work faster and ensure the final augmentations are scalable. Within this software, we calibrate the augmentations based on what we learned about your needs during the discovery phase. Through collaborative iteration with you, we work to
ensure the augmentations meet your fidelity requirements.


Your data accessed your way as quickly as you need it

Once customization is complete, we can quickly provide the augmented data thanks to the scalability of our aidkit software. Alternatively, you can choose access aidkit directly, integrate it into your workflow with our API, and generate augmentations yourself. Regardless of your delivery choices, our post-delivery quality assurance measures will ensure your augmentations meet your needs and accelerate your ML development.

take control over your data and development

The data you have, tailored and scaled into the data you need


Data is too important in your ML development to leave to chance or the vagaries of the weather. Our data augmentation puts control over your data back in your hands, delivering the details you need for every data point across your distribution.

By delivering our augmentations as a service built on scalable software, we relieve you of the burden of data collection and augmentation development so that you can focus on your ML development. 

Driving safe perception

Continue your journey with us

Don’t just manage risks. Mitigate your perception system’s chances of encountering unknown situations and enhance its resiliance.

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