Driving Safe AI

Driving Safe AI

Data augmentation to get your ADAS/ADS on the road

Driving Safe AI

Data augmentation to get your ADAS/ADS on the road

Augmented perception for a safe autonomous world

The Al-powered perception component needed today to compete tomorrow must perform in numerous scenes and conditions combining in a way that defies full specification.

Discover how augmented data can enhance your perception and accelerate time to market.


Your route to performance and safety validation for AI perception functions


Fill data gaps

Define your development strategy based on an Operational Design Domain that makes the world manageable, then define the scenes you need to master so your AI can manage that world

Realistic augmentation

Leverage augmented data to challenge your perception component, develop new scenarios for testing, and ensure robust handling of new situations all while respecting data fidelity

Weak spot analysis

Learn where your perception model falls short and precisely what scenarios you need to add and what data you need for retraining and retesting until all unreasonable risk is removed


Get your AI ready for the world with aidkit

Safety testing

Bring traditional safety management into the disruptive Al world

aidkit's comprehensive safety validation suite is designed to meet the challenging world of ML, the demanding data requirements of perception, and the need for scientific, yet understandable, safety arguments

Performance enhancement

Improve perception component performance in all common and edge cases of your ODD

Leverage augmented data to (re)train your perception component for more comprehensive coverage of all possible conditions in your ODD and reliable performance across those conditions

Efficient workflows

Leverage integrated data management, workflow, and reporting tools to accelerate deployment

Deploy on time with efficient data augmentation and management that precisely fills data gaps alongside scalable testing, understandable reporting, and easy integration into your MLOps workflow

Designed for ADAS/AD perception testing

A custom solution for your unique needs

Our aidkit software was built with the same goal as you: safe deployment of high-performance perception components in autonomous vehicles.

aidkit augments your existing data, filling in the gaps, to enhance your perception model's learning potential. This ensures your ML model can handle the common and edge-cases in your ODD and enables you to discover new safe and unsafe areas by combing existent ODD attributes.

aidkit comes with both a Web UI and a Python API so you can use what's suited for your tasks. All operations are scalable and our team is ready to add customizations for the unique requirements that will give your firm an edge.

Don't compromise safety; don't settle for less performance; don't wait for either: augment your ML development with aidkit.


Driving safe perception

Continue your journey with us

Don’t just manage risks. Mitigate your perception system’s chances of encountering unknown situations and enhance its resiliance.

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