License and legal

Data source and usage

This feature uses images from the Zenseact Open Dataset (ZOD), which is the property of Zenseact AB (© 2022 Zenseact AB) and is licensed under the permissive CC BY-SA. The following notice is required to be posted for any use, distribution, or display of images from this dataset:

"For this dataset, Zenseact AB has taken all reasonable measures to remove all personally identifiable information, including faces and license plates. To the extent that you like to request removal of specific images from the dataset, please contact".


As a derivative work drawing on data licensed under the CC BY-SA, the same license applies also to the augmented image data found at  Thus, any derivative use, distribution, or display of the augmented data from the aforementioned webpage is also covered by the CC BY-SA.

Creative Commons license

The latest version of the CC BY-SA can be found at this canonical url. The full legal code can be read on the Creative Commons' website or opened as a pdf file here.

© neurocat GmbH

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