The next level of data augmentation

Data augmentation is an essential tool in ML development. But what if you could do more than flip, crop, or blur? With neurocat, you can. Our augmentations go beyond open source solutions, delivering realist images with diverse weather and camera conditions. Explore the Playground below and see what we mean, then read on to learn more about our augmentations.

Using the playground

In this Playground you can see for yourself how we augment images to enhance your data. Pick an augmentation in the upper right that you would like to apply to the image. You can swap images in the bottom of the interface. Lastly, you can tweak the parameters of that augmentation (in the right-side column) to experience the range of possibilities and customization aidkit offers. 

In order fully adjust the specifications of the parameters along their entire possible continuum just reach out to us for a demo license. The full version of aidkit also includes an ever growing library of other augmentations. Naturally, this full version also allows you to upload your own photos.

Want to try out more? Get in touch with us to get your own demo. Need to learn more? Keep reading below!


Discover more about our augmenations 

neurocat augmentations are generated with our scalable aidkit software to deliver large quanties of realistic images in a timely manner.

But there are many paths to getting the data you need. What makes our data augmentation the better route?

Closer to reality

The advantage of augmentation

In a world of generative AI, why augment? Because our augmentations are layered ontop of real world images, they are closer to reality than simulated data. This allows for easier validation that the data is realistic, and more assurance it fills the gaps in your distribution that you need filled.

Context aware

The little things matter

From reflections to shadows, it is the little things that can confuse your perception systems. You can't afford out of place micro-artefacts. We thought carefully about the little things associated with a condition and then put these augmentations where they belong based on the context of the image.


The diversity and range you need

With real world data collection, you never know what you will get. Our augmentations have numerous parameters to adjust more than just the intensity of your condition of interest: bigger raindrops, more reflective streets, the placement and orientation of lens flares. Get exactly the data you need to improve your perception system.

Driving safe perception

Continue your journey with us

Don’t just manage risks. Mitigate your perception system’s chances of encountering unknown situations and enhance its resiliance.

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