AI is changing how the world moves; neurocat moves your AI into the world.

neurocat provides innovative data augmentation solutions for the automotive and mobility sector, helping you ensure perception component performance and safety through comprehensive data coverage of every condition relevant to your ODD.


Our story

If you are going to save the world, you need an origin story.

neurocat was born in 2017 out of a desire to take ML robustness testing for safety-critical application to a new level. With a background in mathematics, our founders were not blinded by AI hype. It was not magic, it was statistics ... but optimization was required.

The young neurocat consulted on such optimization, bootstrapping its growth and writing the first ever AI quality standard (DIN SPEC 92001-1-2, and -3). This got attention, and led to our first customer, the automobile manufacturer Volkswagen, from which came our first patents and publications.

With our vision validated, and a growing team of coders turning standards and math into a tool, neurocat was now a start-up with more than just an idea, and this attracted investors. dSPACE entered the neurocat story in 2021 as a new strategic partner and investor.

Today, with a team of over 40 persons based in Berlin's tech hub, neurocat is implementing its strategic vision: to scale safe AI with a software that captures our expertise. This software is aidkit, built to improve the robustness of the computer vision systems at the heart of autonomous vehicles.


What we stand for


Our goal is a world where “safe AI” is not a term, because all AI is safe


AI is energy intensive; data is personally sensitive. We enable scaling, lean data, and less retraining


We participate in setting them, then seek to share them, and finally enable meeting them


We contribute to public knowledge, because even in an autonomous world, we are in it together


Performance cannot be sacrificed, because performance enables safety in every situation


On the road to trustworthy AI, we enable companies and products you can trust

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neurocat in the news

Check our articles about neurocat in the ADAS/ADS and ML press and community (external links).

neurocat in action

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"Florens Gressner" in ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle International (Jan 2024)


BerDiBA Project - funded by the state of Berlin and the EU (01 Oct 2021 to 30 Sep 2025)


"Safety Validation" in ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle International (April 2023)


News-Polygraph - funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (2023 - 2026)

Driving safe perception

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Don’t just manage risks. Mitigate your perception system’s chances of encountering unknown situations and enhance its resiliance.

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