aidkit augmentation playground

aidkit generates image augmentations of adverse and underrepresented conditions for enhanced perception model training and comprehensive safety testing.

Using the playground

In this Playground you can see for yourself how aidkit augments images to enhance your data. Select one of our included images from the bottom of the interface. Next, pick an augmentation in the upper right that you would like to apply to that image. Lastly, you can tweak the parameters of that augmentation (in the right-side column) to experience the range of possibilities and customization aidkit offers. 

In order fully adjust the specifications of the parameters along their entire possible continuum just reach out to us for a demo license. The full version of aidkit also includes an ever growing library of other augmentations. Naturally, this full version also allows you to upload your own photos.

Get in touch with us today: You've seen what aidkit can do in our hands; now learn what you can do with aidkit in your hands.

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