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Does augmented data capture the same thing as real data? Our method validity experiments 

Or how I learned to stop worrying and love "fake" data. A question we at neurocat often get about the augmented data we generate with aidkit is whether it is as good as real …
September 27, 2023
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The importance of scaling your perception testing: Cost, time, and completeness

The testing of a perception model is an underappreciated step in ADAS/ADS development. With time-consuming collection and complicated model training done, confidence in swift validation and the enthusiasm for integration and deployment are high. …
August 2, 2023
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Why we test: A look at the oft unspoken reasons we test ML perception

Testing is a natural step in the development of machine-learning models for use in perception components of autonomous vehicles. It is so natural, that it is unquestioned. We include it automatically, without reflection.  But …
May 11, 2023

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